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Lift Cabin Prototyp

A hysterical enthusiasm in our team arose when we saw the first images of Lift Cabin, a charming tree house which can, using tension belts, not only be hung exclusively on trees. We met Julius Lehniger and David Neuen, the equally charming people behind it, and let them talk about the project.



How did you come up with the idea for Lift Cabin?


Actually it was a customer inquiry that we got asked for, but which has fizzled out. The draft was ready and we fell so in love with the idea of building a tree house which does not hurt the tree that we both knew we would bring it to the end on our own.



Why does a tree house evoke such a storm of enthusiasm?


Julius: I think it is the topic of home and existence, the human desire for a private haven, which plays a major role. In Lift Cabin you float above it all. The simplicity of the system, which anyone can relate to, also delights.

David: Also the need for slow movement and the longing for the simple life may be other reasons. It also raises the essential question of how much space and comfort a person needs to live. How much am I allowed to take from nature? What is ours?



What distinguishes Lift Cabin from a classic tree house?


Julius: Lift Cabin works like a prefabricated home. With 16 parts it is built within two hours. Lift Cabin’s prototype accommodates eight people. You can easily disassemble, pack, and bring it to a new location. After all it weighs just 350kg. It is secured and lifted using tension belts, which have such power that the house could be prospectively planned also much larger.

David: Another advantage of Lift Cabin is that the tree remains unharmed. When the tree grows and Lift Cabin hangs crooked after a while, you just retighten the belt. This flexibility can not be provided by an ordinary tree house. Moreover there is a lot of potential in the multi-functionality. In addition to the obvious possibility of using lift cabin as a classic tree house, it is conceivable to use the object for exhibition booths, theater performances, as a bed at festivals or as accommodation for the homeless.



Will there be a tree house series?


David: Maybe. The prototype, which can be seen in the pictures, is built from old timber. If desired by the client that could be, In addition to the size, realized in different ways. We give clients a wide range of design possibilities. It would be nice if many unique items come up.

Julius: Not many people are aware of the project so far and we are also not particularly in pursuit to promote it in big style. However, our little house already made it into the Iriedaily summer 2014 lookbook. This made us very happy.


Are you planning other projects?


David: Absolutely. Since my childhood I play basketball and recently I had a wonderful idea. Soon it allows playing basketball even in places that come only at second glance into consideration.

Julius: We will work together again for sure, but both of us also has own projects and goals. However, during the project it turned out that we can work together very well. The feeling when our Lift Cabin hung for the first time and we both hovered in the air was amazing.



Where would you most like to hang your personal Lift Cabin?


David: On a tree! That was the basic idea and so far we have not been able to implement it.

Julius: Preferably anywhere where it has a meaning: As part of a theatrical scenery, as a holiday home or simply as a children’s playground.




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